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Fading Signals

Fading Signals is the sound of Portland. They are the sound of the paradigm shift. Their sound is nostalgic, and their songs carry hymns from the oppressed of our past, and the muted screams of the presently dismissed. 

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World Goth Day 2022 with Michelle Halloween

Similar to how I perceive my Halloween lifestyle, World Goth Day is one of those days I partake in because first of all, it’s convenient – I’m goth every day but it’s a chance for Goths to celebrate an aesthetic that has never been easy to be part of in regular society.

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From Hell

Spoilers ahead! By far the best horror film based on the OG of serial killers, Jack the Ripper is the 2001 film From Hell. Change

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Beltane 2022

It is still fascinating to be so captivated by seasonal shifts that have otherwise caused me great anxiety. Spring allergies and the summer blues are

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D**K In Horror

cis-men, allow me to applaud the penis owners that have exposed their tallywackers in horror movies. Thank you to the following “Dicks-In-Horror”…

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