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Modeling has been going well for me. I’m channeling my inner child and teen to execute each shared vision.

Some months back one of my long-time admirer and friend asked me if I’m willing to model in a naughty nun costume. He did me right by buying me the outfit and always supporting my SW without being a hound and always willing to tip for my services.

With this Nun outfit I was also inspired by my first BlackCraft shirt, that reads “I’m Sorry I missed Church; I Was Busy Practicing WitchCraft & Becoming A Lesbian.” It’s my every Sunday shirt to this day.

And then added the Jack-O-Lantern BallGag.

All of the below images are not allowed on social media. The even more blasphemous ones are only available to purchase. Email me if you’re intereted.

Thank you Blaq Villain, Moan Wolfe, Yazzi Models, My HubBub, and Max Hinz for bringing this vision alive.

I told you, Blasphemy is my kink.

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