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The first hints of sunlight have peeped through my windows for the past few weeks just as I wind down from witching hour revelries. It offers intermissions between difficult dreams, allowing me to regroup before returning lucidly to my dreamscape and the energy to move about the daylight hours more efficiently and with gratitude for an extended time within forests and on the water. 

This Litha, I do not fear the long hot days. Not the way I used to. The sky seems closer here as I’ve conveyed the last two summer solstices; aside from the June gloom, the sky is often clear blue. The land becomes more vibrant, and I am grateful for the sun’s illumination to feel the ascension taking place.

Indeed by now, you’ve heard about Orcas organizing and sinking yachts in the Mediterranean. And how a handful of wealthy men went POP while playing with a science project sold at a school book fair just to have a look at the Titanic. Look up the story about the Russian dude who got eaten by a shark way down in Australia. And hysterically, cruise ships are getting tossed about like dingies, their size no match for the stormy seas. From that one, my favorite quote was, Cruise ships are just floating Wal-Marts. Oh, and what looked like sirens have been spotted!  All sorts of summer horror-movie scenarios are happening in real life! Nature, emphasizing the secrets of the oceans, has had it with us humans and has seemingly begun the “Eat The Rich” movement. 

I’m so fucking here for it!

Around the same time as the Orca revolution was going down (bad mummy joke intended), I had a few pleasant animal encounters myself and was told by a close friend of his which validated my intuition – that, once again, there’s a looming shift occurring in the cosmos and here on earth. 

Now that it’s officially summer, pay close attention to nature. 

There have been more animal and cryptid encounters and stories that I’ll share with anyone interested in hearing. But, for now keep your gaze on the sea. Whenever there’s a significant change in my life, it’s preceded by reoccurring dreams of tsunamis. 

Recently, I watched Knock At The Cabin (spoiler ahead), M. Night Shyamalan’s latest film based on The Cabin At The End Of The World, Paul Tremblay’s 2018 novel. I’ve read the book and didn’t love the ending, but overall, the book is more gruesome and thrilling than the movie. But, for me, the scene with the tsunami hitting Cannon Beach in Oregon was chilling, but not more than when the character, Sabrina, revealed she had seen it happen, those rocks in a previous vision. Cannon Beach, albeit a wonder and beautiful place, for me, gives off an eerie energy. The amount of shore between low tide and the beach is wild; the way it ebbs and flows would make it an extra horrifying beach to try and escape two-mile high waves if there is such a pleasant beach to be on when a tsunami hits. I often marvel at the beauty of Cannon Beach as I pass it for a more secluded but no less lousy beach to be at if there were even a surge. And I haven’t even gotten into why I haven’t submerged in the waters more than my feet; I feel what the ocean is conveying.

Stay out of the ocean this summer because whatever is happening in the depths there and the sky, it’s impossible to deny that something wicked this way comes. 

Wickedly exciting or wickedly terrifying depends on whether you’ve embraced your recent upgrade. 

With how absurd the coverage and “investigation” for the bleached sphincters of the now meme-famous submersible and its previous contents ( not forgetting the even stupider sympathizers they have), is it so beyond reach to imagine the mythical Kraken or Megalodon or colossal seahorse ate the fuckers? Is it unimaginable to wonder if Olókun rightfully captured the asshats or if they fell into a portal and are being subjected to another galaxy’s immigration “laws”?

I imagine a salty siren devoured them. She is colossal in size with tentacles and enormous titties. That is how she has lured foolish, toxic men into her maw. All to aid the “Eat The Rich” movement, assist the changing waters and protect its secrets.

All of the arrogance and resulting humor aside, it’s even more, disheartening knowing that any of these events come as some surprise, as breaking news. Thousands of human beings fleeing from the horrors of men are lost to the sea, and no one pays any mind. It’s not covered. Nations overcome by colonization have nearly erased the indigenous and their knowledge of how to care for the land and continue to poison the ocean and drill and spill it into rivers and underground wells. 

Pay attention to local stories from those who are not benefiting from capitalism. Parts of my neighborhood and the closest metropolitan area are replacing lawns with community gardens, and there’s free drinking water all around. It’s not much right now, but what if this is the beginning of a new era where wealth is spread around in such a manner? 

I can fantasize all I want.

With such an organic connection to the planet, as this human experience should be, why is it so surprising that Earth is reacting to humanity’s disrespect of her?

The earth’s heartbeat is changing, and her most connected spirits are reacting.

With Summerween in full swing and real-life Underwater, Jaws, and The Meg playing out in real life, the following breaking news may be about orcas taking down cruise ships. Again, staying out of the sea is probably a good idea. 

Or not. 

I will admit there’s entertainment with notes of satisfaction knowing that the tides are turning and being blatantly obvious about it.

Drink your water and check what’s in your sunscreen.

Then have a swift and cool summerween.

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