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Every Goth Damn year! I blink and October is over. But, this October has passed in a half blink. Why the fuck can’t actual summer go by this fast?

No matter, my October has been the most beautiful I’ve ever experienced. It may have flown by, but time truly doesn’t exist when you’re constantly distracted by beautiful landscapes and ultra nice people. During the second week of October, one of my best friends came up to visit and scope potential neighborhoods. She feels the allure to the PNW. We went all over Northern Oregon and neighborhoods that surround where I live. I couldn’t believe the amount of homes with mini pumpkin patches in their yards. The amount of houses that are decorated for Halloween is exciting too. I know Los Angeles is no stranger to yard decor but, Rancho Cucamonga certainly is. My previous house was often the only one for blocks that had Halloween decor out well before October 31st. So, it’s been so much fun going to pick up the kids from school, going out in general to see the PNW peeps embracing the best time of year.

The pumpkin patches here are nothing short of perfection. The closest we had to a real life pumpkin patch experience is the beautiful yet money pit called Live Oak Canyon in SoCal. Here in Portland, I spent literally nothing for my pumpkins – I picked them myself. The hayride was free, the corn maze was huge and affordable, the food was divine and there was cider and beer that didn’t cost $15. I got to visit the patch more than once and you don’t know what that means to me! It’s been fantastic!

I love you Halloweeniers! Thank you to those who have reached out to see how my October has been and asking about what spooktacular happenings I’ve been up to. Since it’s Halloween week, it’s the perfect time to fill you in.

But, before I do, I want to express a big pumpkin hug and special thank you to the following people who have made my October extra special.

,,Horror Flicks Chicks since the Fear Street early screenings to Madres and most recently Night Teeth, Horror Flicks Chicks have been including me in some epic screenings. Each of which have made my Halloween season extra horror-ific!

,Voyage LA and ,Nocturnus Magazine THANK YOU for the features! It has been reinvigorating being the one featured. I now have the energy to re-start my show. I may get used to this.

,Horror In Color. You have been an integral part of the Horror community by highlighting POC and LGBTQIA+ horror fans. To be included in your projects – especially the upcoming one- meant so much to me. I am eternally grateful to and for you! Can’t wait for our OnlyFangs Discussion!

,Gothcakez_. When I come upon a black queer, I get overly excited and immediately flock to them. I wish I had met you when I lived in LA. But, we have today and the future. The past few days have been more fun, sexy and horror movie filled! I probably would not have bothered with the new Chucky show if it hadn’t been for you. THANK YOU!

@_the_real_michael_meyers & @jackodinson1975 for the super rad Halloween Kills discussion. That night was just as fun as the film itself. And we’re still talking about it! I appreciate you both taking the night off to yap with me and our viewers about Halloween Kills and the Halloween franchise. Raw, real and fun! You can watch the show by clicking the link below.

Halloween Kills Discussion with The Real Michael Myers and Jackodinson 1975

My Husband, Best Friend, Manger, Biggest Supporter and BTS Dude.

Chuck, you continue to be the only human I can be the most vulnerable with. The only one I can be raw and real with and you’re always there by my side never asking for anything but my presence and to share our dreams with in return. I love your cute ass. I love you entirely.


I’ve been all up in their business!






But if you need help, follow these fine haunt seekers…










PNW Discoveries!

I had an especially great time at Scaregrounds PDX. Thank you to Mud and the rest of monsters behind this thrilling, fun and well put together haunt! Thank you for the scares! I haven’t screamed that much since… I don’t think I have ever screamed that much. Job well done!

So far.

Cinema of Horrors

Fear PDX



Northwest Haunters

Portland’s Witches Paddle

Sauvie Island Pumpkin Patch

Coffin Club


These are films I watch all year to spice up other seasons. But, they are extra flavorful in October leading right up to October 31st.

Trick R Treat

Tales of Halloween

From Hell

Halloween Marathons

An American Werewolf In London

AMC Fear Fest (ambience)

There’s a whole lot more to watch. Even more to do. But, I feel like my October has been well paced and balanced between real life shit and Halloween pleasures. It has been beneficial, for me, to let the flow of the season flow. I certainly have nurtured my inner child and fell in love with the season I already love. It’s just… this October, I didn’t feel rushed, obligated or pressured to do it all. I allowed myself to rest when I needed to rest. I found the time to connect with my creative friends. Most of all, I have been enjoying the Fall weather and the invigorating energy the rain and grey clouds bring me.

Whatever you’re up to for these last few days of October 2021, I will you to enjoy it in the simplest way. Relax. Indulge and consort with the spirits. Just stay safe and consider your fellow Halloweenier. I’ll write to you all again on October 31st. That’s if I don’t end up having a threesome with Peter Steele’s ghost.

-Michelle Halloween

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