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The truest Halloweeniers spend the night of Halloween indoors. We are the ones handing out candy and then putting up our feet while watching our favorite movies. Halloween is literally everyday for us so, October is generally a time we celebrate our harvest and indulge in seasonal fun. But, that seasonal fun can be fucking exhausting for the everyday Halloweenier. People suck and certain crowds are overwhelming. There is disease spreading and there’s always the sense of impending doom (looking at you climate change).

But, I never expected The Writher’s to make a song about all of the aforementioned.

Halloween Inside is the next song to be unleashed for The Writher’s Halloween Season project. Coming in right after their very first West Coast tour. I had the pleasure to hear Halloween Inside live and unholy shit creeps, this song is a fucking banger.

It’s hard to tell if Halloween Inside is about a paranoid Halloweenier who looks at the chaos of the season with fear or if it’s about Halloween 2020. As you listen to the song, you will notice Guitarist Chewy Morsel’s intricate speedy strums. You’ll start shaking your hips or banging your head but I need you to pay attention to Robert Writhe’s lyrics. Yes, I know his voice is hypnotic and you can’t help but feel like you need to dance this song through but, trust me and listen. Halloween Inside is different and emits an even higher amount of energy than other Writher’s songs.

If you decide to spend Halloween inside, at least you’ll have the perfect jams to listen to thanks to The Writher’s Halloween project. You remember, on August 27th, I shared my thoughts on ‘Spend The Night’. It sounds and feels like a Halloween movie marathon but, it in the form of horror punk music instead. I’m turning the volume way the fuck up for the rest of what The Writher’s are planning to unleash for what’s left of October.

I also have to add that I got to see The Writher’s in their element. They pulled up to the No Fun Bar after spending over eight hours on the road. They didn’t waste any time and got straight to work. Well, they bullshitted with me for a bit but, I stood back and watched the dudes tune, do their sound check, set up their own merch tables and rock out with the band before them. The Portland, OR stop on their West Coast tour didn’t draw out the crowd The Writher’s deserved but, I can say in all confidence the horror punks of Portland missed out. Sometimes that’s the best part about Indie Bands but, I can feel it in my bones that Rikk R Treat, Kenny Wolfsbane, Chewy Morsel and Robert Writhe are on some next level shit. The Writher’s put on a fantastic show even though only a few people were there the night I was. That didn’t stop them from playing like it was a packed house. I have been a fan and friend of the group for over a year and I felt honored to actually see them live. Their energy is contagious.

So, fix up your Halloween playlist, download the convulsing inducing jam Halloween Inside right now. Click that link below.

Halloween Inside

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