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Awakening from apocalyptic dreams feels like I am existing while traveling parallel with the past and the future. As I travel my path I look to the left which offers glimpses of what’s to come. To the right, is the past, the knowledge and lived experiences of those before and after. And with the validation of my life’s experiences coming into clarity when Pluto is entering Aquarius just beyond Ostara and a new moon, the various tributary paths to the future are becoming more clear and the past holds tools to strengthen my continued evolution. This further reveals the roles I am to acquire, master on my terms and utilize for the forthcoming fall of American society.

Whether you deny it or not, whether it interferes with your 2023 and 2024 Halloween plans, it’s happening. And here I am, nervous, scared too but I am also looking forward to the actual meaningful hard work it’s going to take to nourish the wounded spiritual warriors, Indigenous, Trans, Queer, Black, and POC – the Divine.

It’s time let go. It’s time to shed the dead weight of those viciously abusing privilege to uphold capitalism, systemic oppression, and christianity – their property. None of which is theirs at all.

This isn’t the first time I’ve conveyed my thoughts about ‘The Shift’ . The one I felt coming before the year 2020. I have been careful not to make predictions I couldn’t clearly see while awake or asleep. But, when the reality of the Covid pandemic set in, I received the cosmic knowledge that Pluto had returned to its first position since the construction of a natal chart. The time when “white only” America declared its independence.

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You can choose to acknowledge it or not. But, you can’t deny that you can sense it when out in the wild. In crowded spaces and too well-planned of places – suburbia, the discomfort during crowded events, organized sports, Costco – when depression weighs down, and we question why things don’t feel the way they used to. Why can’t they feel that way now?

Dear Divine One who reads my blogs…It’s time to let go.

For weeks now, as my dreams approach their conclusion, I am placed in a realm where its version of humanity is facing its annihilation. In each dreamscape, I’m weighed down with different decisions about how and whom to exit this life with.

Do I take the pills?

Should I risk a journey for my kids 1000 miles away before it’s all over? Or perish where I am with whom I’m with?

Do I leave them all behind for a stranger I didn’t know here; but fell in love with there?

Why is it so hard for me to accept it is over for us all? Not just me.

For, in the vastness of the looming oblivion, what was done and was felt no longer matters anyway.

Before this swarm of apocolyptic dreams I couldn’t remember or piece together the dreams I was having but, I was able to feel them. As those went on, I was having trouble discerning if the feelings, the flashbacks I was having where dreams at all. They may have been memories or experiences from an ancestor, an empathetic friend or a stranger on a dance floor. They could have been encounters of a squirrel or wolf in the woods.

None of it is so far fetched because…

The tornados I used to dream about when they seemed so vividly set in reality are now touching down in the foothills and the valleys of Los Angeles.

The programmers of this matrix manipulate the construct of time, keeping us worn down and tired and to keep us from clearing the air stagnation in our minds while they craft programs of hate for LGBTQ, Indigenous, Black People and POC. They continue to try and manipulate freethinking and continue to eliminate children’s lives.

Witches, the weird and the divine are being punished, incarcerated, and in unfathomable and imagined debt for growing our own food and medicine. So that they can push us into Costcos where food is dusted with poison.

We are the Flowers in the Attic.

It’s been conveyed that you’re most alive just before you die. Just know this is not a suicide note but a conveyance of my curiosity about humanity’s demise; I envision a blooming utopia out of the demise of the current American dystopia that has poisoned the intelligence of our human experience.

Marriage contracts for monetary savings and unjust laws in lieu of love are the norm to fuel the machine that gives wealth to lawyers and the construct of the American INjustice System.

The machine turns children into working parts, forcing many to choose their life path at 18. Only to funnel GMO currency to the maw of the American federal and state government, aka – old white men and a few token minorities.

With their fingers crossed behind their backs, Boomers promise social security, a pension, a 401K and hard work; suffering will lead to wealth like theirs. However, theirs takes no accountability for their role in the American lie. Then blame us for the failure of their beloved system that they uphold above their love for their children.

Every moment, with every breath, the facade our parents, society, the media, and the governments continuously try to feed us is fading to black. It’s been expired in their pantries since the 1990s.

It’s time to leave the complacency our envious basehead, coke-headed parents desired for us behind, even when it means dissolving our own traditions and worn-out pleasures to memory, despite their well-intentions for their hopes of leaving a structure built on land that isn’t theirs behind.

The definition of a life well lived varies between each of us. Yet the truth is we are merely stardust startled by planets and multiverses. Insignificant to the totality of all yet so detrimental to the energy that drives the universe.

Don’t let your human existence go to waste by human constructs. Tap into your naturalness despite how insignificant it may seem to American, religious or social (especially suburban) if you are called to prosper and exist beyond the Pluto Return that’s happening during your human existence.

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