For me, Halloween is a lifestyle that is not just about pumpkins, costumes, and candy but more about expressing oneself more than just once a year. We should be allowed to be who we are daily despite how colorful, weird and wild that may look to the rest of society. Michelle Halloween is safe for all misfits, emphasizing  BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Black Trans Women.

If any of this resonates, you’re in the right pumpkin patch. is where you will find ways to incorporate Halloween into every season. There is horror movie talk, witchcraft, stories, poetry, creature features, and, possibly, your next favorite band. All of which I love to share and inspire you to live your life the way you want to.

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Is It Still September?

I know many of us lovers of Halloween and Autumn have shared how we know Fall is on the way. I’m not just talking about the code oranges, Spirit stores opening, and Pumpkin spiced lattes. No, it’s the first-afternoon breeze that lifts your chin to the sky. It’s the breeze that carries a cool yet comforting warm and spicy sensation. It’s the moment you can feel Autumn coming. As if it’s sending the message to the chosen ones that Autumn approaches. And with it comes the darkness, a chance to indulge our inner child, and the best time of the year to be our true selves.

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