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It’s the night of a new moon in Aquarius and the eve of Imbolc – the halfway point between winter and spring. This is a time of fertility, new life, new beginnings are close to being birthed. Think about how long January seems to last. How cold the weather has been throughout it. It forces us to find ways to stay warm and inside, as nature intended. 

As a society, if we hibernated and waited for Imbolc to signify we are halfway through winter, would we be better off as a collective? Everything in nature, even us humans, flourish during certain seasons. I love winter because it forces me to go within and rekindle my passions, plot, and prepare for the time of the year where my work, my creations, are most visible and when I feel the most energetic. Winter is dark and cold, my favorite sensation, and offers the chance to contemplate how nature works and daydream about humanity mimicking the seasons.

This October, the pumpkins we will harvest are only tiny seeds beginning to quicken beneath the soil. Plans for Fall are being dreamt and drawn out by haunters and Halloween enthusiasts. Consider the influence behind Imbolc, if you will, and call on Brigid, the Goddess of fertility, healing, poetry, crafts, creations of all kinds. Brigid is the influence among artists who are now working on their plans, organizing, and hoping for a better 2022. Is that you? 

When new beginnings and fertility come to mind, so do contemplations of love and lust. Valentine’s Day approaches after Imbolc.  What an artificially sweetened occasion, capitalizing on Lupercalia and other carnal aspects of mating and fertility. Mocking nature by reproducing ourselves and proposing lifelong partnerships through marriage has overshadowed much of our pagan traditions that honor random matchmaking and leave our unions up to fate. At least now, even with the institution of marriage and positive pregnancy tests on February 14th, we have more of a choice in whom we end up spending our time and life with. If we even bother to make such choices at all. 

Imbolc is a low-key celebration to remind us that spring is coming soon, and so are new life new journeys. If we honored our seasons the way we do the things we are passionate about, we’d be able to nurture the seeds of our creations, our bodies and make our ideas and ambitions fertile. We as humans could be more patient and grateful for our time in light and in darkness. 

Brigid is the goddess of healing. With so many people sick and recovering from covid, seasonal depression, and hardship, these are days perfect for resting and going within. This is a moment to use what nature offers to heal. That herbal tea soothes a sore throat or an anxious mind. I recently took a break from my personal hibernation, braved the cold, and found myself in a fairy tale forest. The water was crystal clear, and the moss was vibrant green under the sun – the sun, the one thing that I couldn’t wait to escape from. One of my previous captors has become a balanced light as I believe my nature intended. It was refreshing and reminded me that come spring; I will be able to do more outdoors and resume traveling. Finally.

May Imbolc be your reminder to stay still patient until that time comes. Just like pumpkin seeds quickening beneath our feet.

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