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Back in 2021, I was interviewed by Yahoo life in an article titled ‘Black Women On What Halloween Means To Them: Dressing up and parading around was always a joy.” In the interview, I shared my Black girl love for Halloween. It wasn’t published in the but, somewhere during the conversation, I began to weep. The woman who interviewed me kept referring to me as a Black woman. Here I was, achieving shit as not just Michelle Halloween but, as a Black woman.

While it’s not new for me to be recognized as a Black woman, I am light-skinned. Being biracial comes with the challenge of not being black enough and being black enough.

I am so Black that I am approached because of my “exotic” beauty.

I am black enough to be a shock in rural parts and suburban PTA’s.

I am black enough to be a token friend until I defend Black Lives and the collapse of capitalism.

Being Black is joyous and unnecessarily terrifying.

I am Black enough to have been loud but unheard. Black enough to be full of light but, often unseen.

I am goth because I am Black.

Black enough to feel the pain of the past and those whose voices where stolen.

Black History is ongoing. It is my everyday. Black History Month is dedicated to celebrating Black achievements. So…

These are mine and those who have elevated my life. May we inspire you to to extend your knowledge about Black history and culture beyond February.

Michelle Halloween is a writer, blogger, podcast host, and so much more. A Southern California native, in 2021, Michelle Halloween fulfilled her lifelong dream of moving to the Pacific Northwest. There, she is drawn to the whispers and echos of the forests, rivers; all of nature while pondering spaces between the stars.

A now avid freelance writer, poet, and model, Michelle Halloween offers her insight, experiences, and perspectives on the world and beyond.

Michelle Halloween has achieved a successful podcast that is slated to return sometime in 2023. In recent years Michelle has connected with artists, musicians, small business owners, filmmakers, authors, producers, and celebrities that have all inspired her love for independent visual arts, music and more.

Her platform has been used to express all things Michelle Halloween and to uplift voices of the unheard. Michelle Halloween has molted from a blissfully ignorant housewife with no self-confidence to a baddie who uses sex magic to manifest, create, inspire, and heal.

An advocate for mental wellness and activist for the weird, Michelle Halloween continues to share her darkness and light as she traverses her existence.

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