For me, Halloween is a lifestyle that is not just about pumpkins, costumes, and candy but more about expressing oneself more than just once a year. We should be allowed to be who we are daily despite how colorful, weird and wild that may look to the rest of society. Michelle Halloween is safe for all misfits, emphasizing  BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Black Trans Women.

If any of this resonates, you’re in the right pumpkin patch. is where you will find ways to incorporate Halloween into every season. There is horror movie talk, witchcraft, stories, poetry, creature features, and, possibly, your next favorite band. All of which I love to share and inspire you to live your life the way you want to.

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The Stormking For The Strongbear

Many het marriages are ending in record numbers. And, rightfully so. My relationship history with straight men; From my sperm donor to the guy who raised me, brainwashed me to respect and obey their toxic masculinity. The cis men who harassed, and demeaned me to the managers I was assigned, trained by, and had personal relationships with…In short, straight men need therapy!

I can count on my hand how many men I can trust and naturally connect with. Mostly it is because they aren’t straight and even more rarely (two fingers) are the men I can vibe with during my hibernation because they have addressed their mental health and are going to therapy, getting uncomfortable, fearful, and are accepting their healing paths.

Above them, all is the man I have shared my life with for the past seventeen years. The man who is willing to evolve with me and for his own emotional and spiritual journey.

Very recently, my partner and I spent a weekend at a majestic location in the PNW. It was here we discovered more about each other and ourselves. I know I did. And I thank the wonderful people who conjured The Stormking Cabins & Spa for what was a much-needed couples getaway.

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The Longest Night

No more chasing daylight out of the woods for neurotic comfort, Looking ahead – feet walk me backward. There is no one before me to

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There are such life-altering secrets hidden in the lyrics of songs. And because of them, I know I will survive.

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