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I wanted to thank Art With Impact for having me on their Instagram Live to share My Mental Health Story. It is an honor to be seen and heard by such an organization that advocates for mental wellness through art and media. With it being the most heavy October I’ve ever experienced, the timing was perfect as it was a means to talk about how I manage my mental health as Michelle Halloween. It was exciting to have the chat moderated by the wonderful Cat Tanchanco (she/her) as I’ve been an admirer for years!

All I ever want for anyone who is holding back their truth is to set themselves free by living on their own terms despite how colorful, weird, taboo or it may seem to the people we walk past daily, with family, with whoever questions your existence. I realize this is harder said than done but if you trust me for a moment, this is first step to honoring your truth is the first step in healing.

I’d also like to thank everyone who watched. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, support and love.

You can re-watch the chat HERE.


When I first began living my truth, comfy in my thiccness, I did so with the hopes of setting free more spooky vibes and chunky thighs. I hoped other body and sex-positive women would let their truth and bodies shine. I don’t aspire to be any leader or role model. In fact, one of the foundations of my craft is embracing that I may never know who my magick affects.

But I’ll admit that it feels so fucking good when I do find out.

When Horror In Color introduced me to the founder of Hoelistic, Sadea Bryant (she/her) I was elated to have met a black woman who has established her own adult store. Like, ELATED! I learned Sadea loves sex as much as I do. She also sensed a need for better sex education within her community which I am proud to be a part of. When it was in stock again, I ordered the suckle rose from Hoelistic and whoaaaaaa.

The point here is, I was honored when Sadea asked me to join the 2022 Hoelistic Horror Challenge, I was in! My horror movie pic was Trick ‘R Treat and on day 13. Peep.

Daya, thank you for your kind words when you posted Trick ‘R Treat on your socials. I’ve been having trouble conveying emotion with spoken words, so I’m writing them. I genuinely appreciate your support, friendship, and where Holistic is heading. You have a friend and endless supporter right here anytime you need her.

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