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It’s Friday Creeps! I hope you have some spooky plans that will fuel your Halloween season excitement. We are at the beginning of our favorite time of the year, where we all let go of our routine, spend all our money on Halloween wares, drink pumpkin spice lattes by day and, festive black and orange spirits, when the sun sets. But, I’m in the mood for some real mischief tonight. Something along the lines of sharing scary stories, performing a seance at a haunted house. Even better, I wanna stay over night. If you’re apprehensive, and wanna play it safe, you’re a wuss! Because, The Writher’s have just unleashed the perfect song for this kind of fun. It may change your mind. So, how about it? Do you wanna Spend The Night In A Haunted House?

The Writher’s have once again prickled my arms with goosebumps. It’s a song to tempt you into indulging in the mischief of Halloween. But, there is something different about Spend The Night. It sounds like the Writher’s, which if you don’t know about by now, you really need to get on on it. Especially if you love horror punk. But, there is something more eerie and exciting about it this single. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first of a string of songs The Writher’s will be releasing throughout the Halloween season. But, while it’s the first to be released for this special project, Spend The Night is actually the fifth song the band has ever written. It was dusted off, recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike Kamoo at Earthling Recordings. From what Drummer Rikk R Treat has indicated, the songs we will subsequently hear will be treated as the same. However, this project, this collection of songs will not be attached to any albums or EP’s thus making it even more mysterious and exclusive.

Spend The Night has tempted me, as I am sure it will tempt you, to find a cordless phone and call all of your friends and invite them convene at your favorite abandoned Haunted House. This single, alone, should be accompanied while watching something like Night of The Demons or just old fashioned thrashing wherever you are. Regardless, you’ll be even more amped to kick off your spooky weekend all thanks to Bassist Kenny Wolfsbane’s playful intro. The Ghouls will be glamoured by Robert Writhe’s vocals just as drummer Rikk R Treat and Guitarist Chewy Morsel force you to “face the horrors” that lurk within when you Spend The Night in a Haunted House. So, how about it? Do you think you have what it takes to last until morn’?

Find out and download Spend The Night. Writher’s

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