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Mosh pits and human sacrifice, is there a better combination?

New from The Writhers comes “Pit Dunce”, a song that will have you dancing or else! 

“Pit Dunce” is the 4th in a line of singles that everybody’s (especially mine) favorite pink, Horrorpunkabillyrocknroll ghouls have been steadily dropping since 2021.

I’ve been excitedly covering The Writhers since they began this project and ended up with the ‘Pit Dunce’ cap myself!  This track was inspired by a live show gag created in Fall 2021 in which the band asks for a participant from the audience, ideally one that hasn’t been dancing, to wear the aptly named “pit dunce cap” and stand in the middle of the floor in front of the stage as the rest of the crowd is instructed to mosh around them “to please the gods above”. 

I volunteered as the pit dunce tribute when The Writhers came to Portland’s No Fun bar in October 2021 because the small crowd was… no fun, I was on my moon cycle and couldn’t dance much sooooooo, it was a thrill wearing the cap and having singer Robert Writhe scream in my face while a phantom pit swirled around us. I assume it was the energy coming from their Reno, CA show where the pit, including the pit dunce, fucking killed it just nights before. For me, watching as Rik R Treat, Chewy Morsel, Kenny Wolfsbane and Robert Writhe made their way up the west coast, the pit dunce was an added moment to look forward to seeing them live. I couldn’t wait!

While there was no fun to be had with No Fun crowd that night, The Writhers carry a show on their own! A show, I won’t ever forget and hope to get more of at The Coffin Club where The Writhers will find more of their aesthetic and more fun of a crowd.

‘Pit Dunce’ is another banger from my all-time favorite and highly underrated quad of pink punks! I love them! I love this single! It makes me wanna get in a pit whether I’m in a pissy bloody mood, or not.

‘Pit Dunce’ mixes zany antics with Horror themed Doo-wop (or Boo-wop!) and fast-paced, Hardcore Punk for a slamming good time!


The Writhers latest single is now streaming on all platforms. You can also nab a ‘Pit Dunce’ enamel pin. 

Who Are The Writhers?

Praised for their dark, cohesive aesthetic and energized, attention-grabbing stage presence, this bizarre San Diego based outfit smash together Horrorpunk, Psychobilly, Death Rock, and Garage Punk into a tantalizing mess! Formed in November of 2017.

The Writhers are:

Robert Writhe – Vocals/Accordion

Rikk R Treat – Drums

Chewy Morsel – Guitar

Kenny Wolfsbane – Bass

Find them at…

and on Bandcamp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok as @TheWrithers

Contact them at:

Be sure to tell them Michelle Halloween sent you!

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