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Don’t you love finding the perfect accessories when you weren’t even looking? Embracing my naturalness has been a relief, and at times a pain in the ass. Especially when it comes to my hair. With as much time as I spend combing, moisturizing, massaging and even talking to my hair, it only cooperates with me about half the time. My natural hair spent all of 2020 growing out after two years of being processed with various colors and extensions, I am proud of the healthy afro I have achieved but I also love wearing colorful wigs which can often make people wonder what nationality I am. Most of the time, my hair is the only feature that proves that I am black.

I love accessories, all around, especially when they serve more than adding to my beauty. I enjoy accessorizing with talismans and sigils. When I rock my orange wig, or wrap my hair, it’s important, to me, to have the right accessories to speak to and highlight my blackness and attract and protect my energy. So, I was elated to discover True Melanin PDX. Not only are my latest favorite earrings pretty, they are hand-made with a purpose. These golden wooden duafe pics are made using the Adinkra symbol from Ghana which represents patience, beauty and strength. All of which I need going into the Halloween season.

True Melanin PDX offers an array of accessories from their unique wooden collection of earrings, to the dainty afro pic sets all of which embrace the shades of natural beauty.


Tamla Michelle Holistic

You would think it’s easy to find ritual tools easily in the PNW, and you’re right. I can and have found plenty. But, I’m not a witch who can just buy my spiritual tools from just anywhere. I have to feel the right vibe when I enter a shop and when feeling the energy being emitted from the wares I am about to buy. I had a few favorites in Southern California but, I was having a little trouble finding a place to buy incense, herbs and oils in Portland. I went into one store and I felt like my every move was being watched upon entering. It was a nervous energy and when the owner of the store came out to ask what she could help me with, I knew I was being racially profiled. I figured I would just order from my SoCal favorites but as fate would have it, I met Tamla Michelle soon after that lame experience.

Tamla Michelle’s products spoke naturalness, healing and vibrant energy into my spirit as I walked into her set up at Portland’s Vendagain Marketplace. Tamla has an array of ethically and sustainably sourced herbs, incense and resins. In addition, Tamla offers beautiful and affordable ritual kits, crystals and apparel. Tamla Michelle is an Author and Metaphysical Wholistic wellness advocate. Did I mention she has a welcoming and warm energy?

“My Purpose Is To Continue Seeking, Understanding, And Sharing The Ancestral Practices That Were, And Still Are, Very Sacred, Necessary, And Valid. To Be A Voice And A Safe Space For Other Nubian Women Who Are Seeking A Connection To Their Own Divine And Sacred Feminine. To Undo The Trauma Of Feminism And Patriarchy That Was Trust Upon Us From Those Who Have Oppressed Us For Far Too Long.” – Tamla Michelle


The Spooky Swamp Meet

On September 4th, I took my pumpkin cold brew drinking ass to my first Halloween event in the PNW. These are the event’s that make me happy I haven’t deleted Facebook yet. Thanks to a horror loving family I met at the Vancouver Farmers Market, I discovered Oaks Amusement Park and The Northwest Haunters Association. You heard that right, I found the collaboration of Haunters! This is how I started on my Michelle Halloween adventures, by going to events I uncovered on Facebook. Let me also mention that Oaks Amusement Park reminds me of the festival setting in the movie Cabinet of Souls. It’s set along the Willamette River too, so the scenery is nothing short of romantic. The only thing missing in this rad amusement park is a carnival spook house. So, I can’t wait to go back when the Fall weather truly kicks in.

The Spooky Swamp meet didn’t disappoint. That familiar Michelle Halloween excitement was prevalent and I am sure I was eccentric shit show but, let me tell you, I saw goodies that I have never seen in Southern California. I don’t usually choose favorites but, I have to highlight Eva Constructive for their creative horror themed tumblers. Look at these!


Then there’s this dude who drives around the PNW in a hearse making coffins and does cemetery tours. The talented artist Tom, who is known as The Coffin Collector was set up with many of his gorgeous coffin shelves and epic guillotine mirrors. Unfortunately, not long after the Spooky Swamp Meet, the Coffin Collectors work shed caught fire and burned down. Though the fire was a tremendous loss, the Coffin Collector is still pushing through and making appearances at shows. Tom also leads cemetery walking tours! I know the halloween and horror community pulls up for each other. If you’d like to assist Tom rebuild, please donate to his GoFundMe.

The Coffin Collector


No Halloween event would be right without pumpkin art. I was incredibly impressed with Edwards Art + Designs


There was an array of occult wares, art, treats, yard display creators and so much more. It felt so good to be in my element again and within a community that’s chill as fuck and looking to usher in the coming darkness. Be sure to stay tuned for more PNW Michelle Halloween adventures.

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