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I am so not in the mood for Christmas ANYTHING! Maybe, I just need a peppermint mocha, some frosted cranberry cocktail or just bust out my BackStitchBruja’s Happy Horrorday’s tee. But, for now I’m not feeling it. What I am feeling is the pressures of rising costs of everything and it stresses me out to think about those who don’t have the means to celebrate the way the rest of us do. I think of artists and small businesses that create unconventional gifts and wares all year and can barely afford their rent in December. I wanted to wait a bit longer to compile a shopping guide for you but – America. Since Christmas is a consumer holiday for most Americans and we are bombarded with the news of port delays it’s probably a good time to start shopping if you’re hoping to get your gifts out on time.

And while doing so, I once again implore you to consider shopping from small businesses. When you do, you contribute to a dream and create some holiday cheer while doing so. Isn’t that what this “Christian” holiday is about? The season of giving and thinking of your fellow person… Excuse me while I stop laughing. Again, this is America.

Ok, let me be serious now. Because this is America, take your shopping up a notch. Consider shopping from small black owned, woman owned and LGBTQIA + owned shops. I know this takes a bit of work to research because, black, BIPOC women and queer owned small businesses aren’t the first ones to come up on your social media algorithms. Luckily, I can help as I have been compiling this holiday shopping guide for some time. Each of the businesses I have included in this year’s shopping guide are businesses I have looked into all year. Each one holds up on their vision and doesn’t seek to tear down anything but the patriarchy and uplifting marginalized communities. What I spend my money on, especially on those who I care about, I want to ensure I am not aiding in funding dreams of white supremacy, bigotry, misogyny or homophobia. That’s why you will never see me promoting certain businesses, like Snag Tights, within my shopping guides.

So without further ado…

Michelle Halloween’s 2021 Hexmas Shopping Guide

Before I list individual businesses, allow me to share Miiriya. Miiriya allows you to shop from Black owned businesses all in one app. I have discovered tea makers, artists, hair products and apparel. Discover your next favorite creator of wares using Miiriya. And, if you are a black small business owner or creator, you too can get in on the action. Visit Miiriya by clicking here and downloading the app.

Michelle’s Black-Owned Small Business Picks

True Melanin PDX

Tamla Michelle Holistic

Sock Dreams

Sinister Sisters

Glam Goth Beauty

Gothic Lamb

Kicky Mats

Artists and Authors

Books are great gifts. Visual art and Books written by Indie Black Authors are even better gifts!

Audra Russell

Sylvester Barzey

Bum Dog Torrez

Michelle’s Women Owned & LGBTQIA+ Picks


Zachariah The Witch

Olde World Emporium

Your Best Halloween Ever

Maku Shop

Mat Auryn

Backstitch Bruja

Espooky Boutique

A Black Star

Events and Shows that showcase and highlight BIack owned, BIPOC women owned and LGBTGIA+ artists and creators.


The Witches Brew


Market of The Beast

Vendagain Marketplace

Traveling Markets

Oddities & Curiosities Expo

Please feel free to suggest more shops in the comments.

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