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I have three words for you… Witches. Weed. Wine.

Sometimes, algorithms carry the power of connection within their attempts to diminish the visibility of certain types of people. I find it quite rebellious and energizing, and I grasp the chance to make the spark and light up a new friendship. Which I then have to share with you all. 

Witches. Weed and Wine popped into my Instagram feed, and I was all about it. Located East of Seattle, WA. Witches, Weed, and Wine – a three-day retreat for witches who smoke weed and drink wine. There will be bonding, rituals, crafting and of corpse, magic! Oh, and a self-defense class that’ll make you feel like, “ I wish a mutha-fucka would.”

 I had to find out Who is the bad-ass behind this? I squealed with delight to see a vibrant black woman with a mouth as colorful as mine as the mastermind. And she is a witch, tarot reader, businesswoman, and black belt martial arts instructor. Syrena, The Hoodrat Hippie breaks all the stereotypes of the modern-day witch, as does her story.

Ghouls, let me introduce you to Syrena – The Hoodrat Hippie.

MH: Your story resonates! You’re a healer who helps others heal. I’m so excited to get to know you. Let’s start with what I refer to as your “awakening.” The moment where you knew you were meant for more and to do more. How did it go down?

HH: Listen. I should be dead 10x over. The situations I used to put myself in on top of excessive alcoholism…shiiiit! I’ve ALWAYS known that I had a considerable purpose, but I had no direction, mentor, or discipline. So I would put myself in shitty situations/relationships, then blame the shitty situation/relationship for why I’m not a fucking star already! LMAO! In reality, I was too afraid to pursue what I felt was my destiny. So spirit came through and shook my drunk black ass by the shoulders and slapped me in the face with what became a martial arts career, which led to sobriety, then to Buddhism..cut to me sobbing hysterically in the tub during my 1st spiritual awakening. That shit was rough. A whole ‘nother story I hope we can get to in person.

MH: At what point during your process did you realize you needed to share your light?

HH: A few years back, I was the Chief at a Kung Fu studio in Bellevue, Washington. I was sitting at my desk while my Jr. Instructor was teaching the class. I don’t know how (spirit…duh!), but I wound up watching a tarot reading by a woman named Roseology. I was not only MESMERIZED by her reading, but I couldn’t stop looking at the cards she was using. Like seriously…I HAD to have the cards! I started googling tarot cards, but I couldn’t find the ones she was using. I found myself scrolling frantically, looking for this deck! As an addict, that shit is triggering as fuck! I had to sit back in my chair and be like, “Syrena! Wtf! Why do you want them so bad? YOU CANT FUCKIN READ TAROT!” But still. I HAD to have them. So I googled Tarot Cards near me. Google said, “Metaphysical Shop 30 seconds away!” I sprung up from my desk and told my instructor that I would back. am I doing. I CANT READ FUCKIN TAROT! So I get to Stargazers, A shop that I passed on my way to work for a fuckin DECADE and never noticed. I go in and ask the gal where the decks are. She asks, “You read tarot? The reader’s group is about to start right now!” and I say, “No! I’ve NEVER read before.” She convinces me to stay for the group. I do…in full kung fu gear! In the group, I was paired with this REAL DEAL psychic who read me UP and DOWN! She BARELY looked at the fuckin spread. Then she goes, “Your turn! You’ll do fine!” then she proceeds to take out a pen and paper to take notes on my first ever read! I was SWEATING. And I’m not talking a three-card draw. My first ever read was with a CELTIC CROSS SPREAD! I looked at the cards and gave it my best. When I was done, she turned her notebook at me and said, “Here…you were wrong. That’s because you were reading from here (points to her head). But here, you were right. Because you were reading from here” (points to her heart). I went back to the girl and bought my 1st deck, The Affirmator. It’s AMAZING! I get back to work…yeah, I was supposed to be teaching kung fu. I told my instructor that he was in charge and sat back at my desk. I felt like a crack head. Wtf did I just experience? I felt like I was just being an addict and hyper-fixated on something shiny. So I took a deep sigh and tried to toss the deck into my purse, but it slid RIGHT back into my hand. That shit creeped me that fuck out. So I’m like fuck it. I crack open the deck and start going through the cards. It was so magical! I got the Knight Of Pentacles and had my 1st SERIOUS intuitive download. I could see my husband. I could feel his energy. I could see us on and tropical island…in that one hard I saw my entire relationship with my husband. So I opened the book and looked up the card, and it described him to a fucking T! I was shook! I sat back in my chair and asked this real? At that very moment, a truck outside drove by and on the side of it was the word “Yep!” I just started crying. In true addict form, I started reading for EVERYONE. No lie, 100% of them came back accurate! They came back crying 90% of the time. I couldn’t believe it. After about the 10th person coming back in tears, I was like…Whelp! I guess I know how to read fuckin tarot!

MH: I can relate to your C.C.C.A. Can you describe how vital our (black women) crowns are to our spiritual and physical growth?

HH: VERY! It was my entire pathway to ALL this spiritual shit. I was drinking so heavily that my hair was GONE in the crown area. I mean, all I was consuming in 24 hour period was 211, 4Loko, and gas station nachos. I was trying EVERYTHING to get my hair back. When you intuitively know that a doctor isn’t right, you MUST get a second opinion. When the dermatologist told me that I would never get my hair back, I just KNEW he was wrong. I just didn’t know how I was right. Lol! I had already started eating better, but I had to do something about my Anxiety, and a student of mine suggested meditation. I dove deep into it (as I do all things), which led me to study Buddhism. My husband suggested a trip to Thailand to get REAL deep, and down the rabbit hole, I went.

MH: In your experience, what have you found to be most black peoples most considerable apprehension with personal and spiritual growth?

HH: Limiting beliefs and holding on to past limitations is how we were groomed in our youth. Ancestral patterns run DEEP in our community. Believing something is “White Folk Shit.” How do you expand when you put such limitations on how you consume all the beautiful blessings of this universe? My husband, who teaches in high school, hears young black kids saying, “That’s white people shit!” about READING and MATH! I feel like we can definitely broaden our horizons. I don’t believe I could have manifested this wonderful abundant life if I had any hate in my heart or didn’t study spirituality in many forms from many teachers. And still do! My circle is MAD eclectic.

MH: At the moment, I have compiled these questions; you have done 338 readings with 0 dissatisfied customers. Please give us some insight into your Crystal Ball community.

HH: Anyone who gets a reading from me is here to do the fucking work. Shadow Work, that is. I am a gifted intuitive reader, but my main gift is energy reading. I can tell you which Chakras are blocked so we can get down to biz! The majority of my community is intuitive and just wants clarification and guidance. My readings are the perfect mix between Tough Love & Light. They get down the root cause and give clear directions and action steps to achieve our desired goals. Most of us know that we have to let go of the draining job that will never give us the credit we deserve. We know we should stop fucking with that specific toxic person. I’m here to confirm that shit directly. So that my clients leave a crystal clear about the next steps in their journey toward personal and spiritual growth. The 338 number is old, by the way. It needs to be updated.

MH: Ha! Noted. You “manifested a 50K per year job, a thriving online business, a booming tarot business AND published a book… ALL DURING THE QUARANTINE!” Goals, bitch! The Witches, Weed and Wine Retreat sounds like this gift for the spiritual witch. You, and your fellow host, Frankie, are offering witches three days of insight, fun, healing, and more. Can you give us more details on what guests can expect?

HH:I cannot express how fucking magical these three nights are going to be! When you get to Enumclaw, WA you will be greeted by our stunning location that instantly embraces you in such a chill, loving, welcoming vibration. The house is very witchy and spacious. Outside is a beautiful creek with a cute little bridge that will take you to an abundance of tiny creatures, ducks, goats, chickens (don’t be a pussy about the chickens!), and BUNNIES lots of bunnies that you’re free to interact with. Once we all settle in, we’ll slip on our black cloaks and bond with my guided group protection ritual. It connects us, puts us in a state of comfort, and gets us excited to work and live with one another for the next three nights. Night one pajamas come on, and game night begins! Most of the three nights are open to the witch to do as they please. The grounds are lovely to explore, with a witchy labyrinth in a spooky lil wooded area. The house’s downstairs is the giant crafting area filled with ALLLLL the supplies you will need to craft whatever the fuck you want! In the afternoons, I will be teaching basic self-defense techniques. My passion is to show people how easy it is to take control. I love to watch my students discover this power that has always been within them. Once a show a witch how easy it is to break a fucking face….shiiiiiit you can’t tell them NOTHING! Once I get done with you, you’re gonna wish a mutha fucka would!

Believe it or not, this confidence carries to other aspects of their lives, especially in their manifestations. My May event is open to LGBTQ, and we will be having Deity Dinner, where we all cosplay our favorite god/goddess. I haven’t decided if I’m going to slay as Yemaya or Queen Nandi. In August, it’s women-only, where we will have the All Black Party! Both events will have workshops like Sip & Paint Pipes, Hoodoo Honey Jar & Canna Creation Smoke Wand! We’re gonna chill, create, bond, teach and learn from one another, smoke a shit load of weed, drink some wine ( I don’t drink, but it is a JUDGMENT FREE SPACE.), enjoy the beautiful location, and most of all, develop a level of confidence in our magic that will change the way you manifest forever!

MH: What do you foresee for yourself in the year 2022?

Honestly…I’m trying not to do that this year. My intuition is fire as fuck… except when it comes to my own shit! I can sit here and make as many plans as I want, but life, the universe, spirit, my guides always laugh in my face about that shit. It’s fucking frustrating. LOL! This spiritual shit is not a joke, I tell ya. I struggle with going with the flow and letting go of control of how my journey goes. Spirit always wanting me to “Just Trust” in Divine Timing and shit…wtf! I got shit to do! This year I’m going to try to let go of contr….UGH! Just saying it sux. LMAO! But I AM! I will! This year… in 2022, Syrena the Hoodrat Hippie will let go of control. Whew! That was hard for me. Lol.

MH: What do you hope for other women of color who are struggling to find their light?

HH: Come see me…I’ll help you find that shit expediently! No, seriously tho, it’s all about being honest with yourself about what is blocking you. What/who is sucking all of your precious energy from you? Be honest with yourself about what it/who it may be. The last and most challenging step is letting go of it/them. The FEAR of letting go is NEVER going to leave you. You see, I’m still dealing with it! But if you can just push past the fear…joy is waiting for you on the other side. What do you need to let go of? If you don’t know, I would get a reading from someone you trust. Denial could be a factor.

Thank you, for your time Syrena. I hope to take advantage of Witches, Weed & Wine this August. You can too. Visit

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