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A few weeks ago, a tradition called Creepmas was put onto my radar. Thank you Spooky Little Halloween! Creepmas is a celebration that was established in 2011 as a “good-natured” push- back against major retail America, You know why, for shoving Christmas caca up our asses (instead of out) in the midst of enjoying Halloween. It’s a 13 day online celebration where participants are encouraged to create macabre twists and insert Halloween into the holidays – just like how they do us. The misfits behind Creepmas did encourage followers not to fuck up anyones winter merry making by way of vandalism, violence and sabotage. I fully agree with this and Creepmas all together. However, this is a Michelle Halloween publication, so while I do discourage violence, vandalism and sabotage in the name of Creepmas, I don’t write with a “good-natured” hand.

Anyways, I wanted to steer away from the more familiar Happy Horrorday happenings. Just to keep from being too redundant. I love me some Krampus and watching other holiday horrors like Silent Night Deadly Night but, I knew there was more Yuletide terror to learn and share. I was inspired to watch The Chilling Tales of Sabrina Yule episode thanks to how well issue five of Rawl of the Dead’s magazine. I also remembered Mister Sam Sheron’s Yule cards that I sent to friends last year. One of the illustrations was of Gryla who I was also introduced to in Sabrina’s Yule episode. Simultaneously, I was reading Black to the Future: A Collection of Black Speculative Writing from all black women authors. There it was, all the inspiration I needed to participate in Creepmas fun.

While the creators of are taking 2021 off to plan their next moves, or not, it doesn’t seem like the Halloweeniers out there are hesitating with putting terror into the holidays. So, for my contribution to Creepmas, I’ll be sharing ghost stories and telling the glories of Hexmases long, long ago.

Starting on December 4th…

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