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Strong sexual language ahead. Mind your pearls.

Nothing is more enamoring, complex, and exploited than the female body. When it comes to horror, sex and the genre go hand-in-hand, and the women in horror have sexualized it. As conversations surrounding equitable inclusion for all kinds of gender and gender-fluid roles are picking up steam, I believe it’s safe to say we can’t count on white cis-male-led movie corporations to include other types of humans to embrace nudity in horror. So, that’s what I and organizations like Horror In Color are for. 

As much as I love to cherish all women’s bodies, I am a pansexual who contemplates the male species. I know there isn’t much to figure out when it comes to cis-males. They are obsessed with their dicks. They think it’s some magic wand they can use to lure women in. They have started wars because of their penis insecurities. They overcompensate with material things to numb their self-doubt and comparison to what a perfect dick is. They hurt people when they can’t control their joystick. We see it in a majority of horror. Most slashers, monsters, and villains are male.

What is it with owners of weenies? They love to send pics of their dicks without consent, pay sex workers to rate them and in some cases, even humiliate their size and shape, yet it’s like pulling a cock to see more dick in horror. As a woman who used to scrutinize every imperfection about her physical appearance, I can see how societal standards make it difficult to be naked on screen for the whole world to see but that never kept any woman from being coerced into full nude scenes. Women have been bearing it all since the beginning of cinema. Men, what’s your issue? 

Before I lay into cis-men, allow me to applaud the penis owners that have exposed their tallywackers in horror movies. Thank you to the following “Dicks-In-Horror”…

Up first, the very first weenie I ever saw in a horror film; David Naughton in American Werewolf In London.

David’s wang is seen flopping after waking up in the wolf’s den in the London Zoo. While it’s only a short scene, it was one that is preceded by the perfect follow-up. “Mummy, a naked American man stole my balloon.”

I have to note that I met David at Midsummer Scream in 2016 and forgot about his dick scene as we chatted. So, see there, you fragile men, don’t make it weird. 

Next up is Todd Jenkins in Cherokee Creek. 

Todd Jenkins is a Texan I will always love and cherish. He is a fantastic actor, writer, and director. When I chatted with Todd about his very realistic full-frontal scene, he assured me it’s his dick flopping around! He didn’t have any reservations about it as he attempted to make the actresses more comfortable for their nude scenes: a humble gesture but a tough set to follow as Todd stole the show with his wang waving. Still, that’s not like waving your tits around a bunch of men.

Luke Evan’s in MA

Though this film is problematic for me, Octavia Spencer makes anything worth watching. Even her handling of Luke Evan’s peen during that one scene in MA. Luke Evan’s had yet to confirm if that’s his dick in Octavia’s hand, and I don’t know if anyone has asked the queen herself. Hmmm. 

The thing is, why not just say something, Luke? Being mysterious about your cock makes you look like one.

Jack Reynor, Midsommar 

By now, everyone knows about Jack’s floppy flaccid cock moment in Ari Aster’s masterpiece. Even that scene didn’t matter for most viewers; Jack’s character, Christian, is so detestable.  And that’s the point of nudity in film; if the story is captivating, the nudity doesn’t seem taboo. Jack has been questioned if he had any reservations about being fully nude for his ground-breaking role. His response was similar to Todd’s;

“He suffers this very humiliating and exposing fate, and as a cinephile, I’ve really only ever seen that happening to female characters in the horror genre… especially in a sexual context,” Reynor tells The Hollywood Reporter. “So, it was an opportunity to be part of something that flipped that on its head, and I wanted to engage with the experience of it by advocating for as much full-frontal nudity as possible.”

This scene has been slated to pave the way for nudity in modern horror across all gender types. That’s interesting. I hope it’s true. 

If you watch random horror movies on Shudder, you may have come across one called Violation.

Violation is a brilliant film. I was stunned, aroused, and ready to chop cock when the story plot unfolded. Jesse LaVercombe, who portrays Dylan in Violation, has a full-on erection in the film. And, it’s his! No prosthetic. Just a full-on boner. Dylan was offered a prosthetic but was comfortable using his own. Are women offered prosthetic pussies that squirt royal frosting in films?

Here is one that blows my mind. Despite being tormented and known to say stupid ass things, Lars Von Trier is an underrated artist and filmmaker. His films taught me how to create beauty birthed from places of pain.

Anti-Christ is a disturbing film. It’s painful emotionally and visually. But not before we get a black and white shower sex scene where it looks as if Willem Dafoe is plowing the petite Charlotte Gainsbourg. But, according to the production team and Lars himself, a body double was used because Willem Dafoe was “too well endowed” and would have distracted the audience. Distraction welcome! Willem Dafoe is a marvel on screen, and I’m genuinely curious. Aren’t you?

Here’s an interesting cock we didn’t get to see, but it was a fascinating story showing what an artist Tilda Swinton is. She played an 82-year old man in the 2018 rendition of Suspiria, complete with a prosthetic set of balls and a cock. 

Blink, and you’ll miss the giant severed cocks at the beginning of Hellraiser.

Other cock’s in horror include Cillian Murphy’s in 28 Day’s Later, The Love Witch, and Kevin Bacon’s Bacon in Hollow Man and Wild Things.

Notice the lack of diversity in my list here. While we can see any cock shape, color, and size with a simple Google or Twitter search, it’s rare to see a BIPOC penis in horror movies. 

I know the argument is that horror is not meant to be porn, and the stories told on the screen should be the focus – nudity and sex are distractions. I beg to differ. Using Tilda Swinton’s example, nudity and sex are often part of the vision. Our bodies and what we do with them are as natural as eating and drinking every day. Men have made sex and nudity taboo. The men who made it so forbidden and shameful feel women’s bodies are the only forms worthy of shame and humiliation. Men view women as expendable. That’s because men are not capable of enduring shame. They protect their dangly dongs from view under the guise of toxic masculinity and dick pics we didn’t ask for. 

I think of the horror women endure on a daily. Catcalls, whistles, shouts of “show me your tits!” While I am comfortable putting mine on display, they are lovely, and I love them as much as my favorite pair of earrings; I wonder how men would respond if I shouted, “Show Me Your Dick!” While they were out walking their dogs. What if I slide into the DM’s of a random dude I found attractive with a picture of my bush? How would a cis-male respond if I asked him to get naked with me, get hard, and then endure a bloody death scene behind the camera? I can already see chests puffing out and “challenge accepted” comments, clinking beer glasses, and pick-up truck engines. But, the reality is that most cis-men can put on a mating dance but rarely put themselves on display the way women can. Hetero males fear humiliation, reduction in pay, and tarnished reputations—things women take risks on daily. Men are often easily forgiven and rewarded for being sexual despite their fear and reservations. Men rape women and get to be supreme court judges. Their excuses for controlling who gets to be nude and who doesn’t is bullshit.  Men’s insecurity is dangerous for women of all kinds. 

Look how Dave Chappelle can remain rich and arrogant because he is a male. One who has exploited women his entire career and is now mocking trans women. Let’s see your dick, Dave! 

Let’s not forget the rumors about Euphoria director Sam Levinson pressuring some of the female identifying characters, except for Zendaya, to do unnecessary nude scenes. At the same time, middle-aged women like me weren’t sure if we should look at the peens of the high-school-aged characters. Even though they are adult actors and those dicks were prosthetics, Sydney Sweeny’s natural boobs are always a hot topic and on display. Let’s see your dick, Sam! 

Conservative ideology is wreaking havoc on artists, natural and free-thinking humans. Flordia’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill and Idaho’s passing of a bill that would make it a felony for any Idahoan seeking gender reassignment treatment – even if they leave the state to obtain said treatment. Roe-vs-Wade is in jeopardy and it doesn’t help that there is a sitting SCOTUS judge who is a rapist who will happily vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade because he simply has the power and clearly hates women. This shit will trickle down into the horror community; it already has.

Within the horror community, I have been passed upon opportunities, ignored, and in one case called “unclean” for my outspoken stance on natural nudity, support, and participation in sex work. And, I am not the only one. That one company I once contributed to tweets against and trolls those who have been called out for giving women rapey vibes and offered support to the victims, but when a few of their contributors began doing OnlyFans, myself included, they decided to part ways with them to ensure they kept a spotless reputation in case they get a contract with Disney. Total hypocrites and totally toxic cis-male. And see, I still am uncomfortable naming them publicly. But, for the love of goth, keep your dicks in your pants.

The solution is not more censorship. The answer is more nudity on screen and in horror films. We will never become bored from worshipping women’s bodies. Not ever. But, we are in a moment where if we could include representation for trans women, trans men, non-binary and gender-fluid humans involves being nude on the screen and allows them to express their art and human experience, we need to embrace applaud it. 

While dicks aren’t always appealing to gaze upon, more full-frontal nudity by peen owners is welcome and encouraged if any indie-film director reads this. Naturalness doesn’t have to be sexualized, and even when it is, we all enjoy some aspect of it. 

So, don’t slide into my DM’s with dick pics. Boring! Get creative, start holding conversations, and create with equal nudity for all horror lovers. Now, it’s time to horror movie and chill. I hope there’s a dick in whatever I’m watching!

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