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Even within the deepest throes of my summer melancholy, I could feel the coming darkness of Fall and the veil thinning. It’s almost my favorite time of year, and the magic is potent. This witch nurtures her dark feminine side with song, dance, and self-reflection. Some experiences fuel this energy. Music is usually involved in awakening the serpent within. This unraveling can devour my despair long enough for me to enjoy a night amongst the nocturnal and have a fuck of a darkly good time doing so.

Nighttime is always comforting for me. These nights, I’m more inclined to stay home, braless and comfortable but a few times a month I obsess about releasing what no longer serving me – weighing me down by spending a couple of hours getting dressed up to match my mood and then riding my besom to my favorite places to procure an experience that will stoke eerie inspiration.

Swooping into The Coffin Club after the sunset, I emerged from my dwelling after hiding away from another string of hot days. September; the simmering of summer and its dimming light is a welcoming sign for the spirits that carry the Autumn wind. Myself included. The night was still quite warm, but upon descending the stairwell into the dungeon, I mean the downstairs portion of the club, where the show venue, second dance floor and spacious outdoor patio are, the cooler night air wafted through and tickled the back of my sweaty neck.

There are touches of horror throughout The Coffin Club, making it easy for me to imagine myself as some sort of creature of the night when I’m flailing my limbs in dance, drink and sinful merriment. On the night of September 3rd, I was charged with anxiety and the desire to feel outside of myself. Thankfully, it was to be a night of deathrock. Combining a few refreshing witches brew and a nice sativa pre-roll, I was able to sort of melt into the crowd and let Esses set the darkly, delicious tone. Their poetry put my anxiety to sleep and I was able to unravel.

Then Altar De Fey took the stage. Through the fog, witch bells and Vincent Price’s voice from Witchcraft Magic rang out from the speakers. A strong incense filled the air. This night was to be a ritual – a summoning.

As the legendary coven played Demons, Elisa Lamb, Death To My Enemies, I entered my realm of darkness. A place I frequent to escape my clingy reality. Where I can be mother, maiden, and crone all at once. All it takes is the coming darkness, coffins, witches, bats, and music that sets me free from the world’s light.

Like dancing naked around a pit of fire on Halloween night, I felt the coming darkness looming as Altar De Fey continued their craft. Although I missed the tail end of the show, for me, Altar De Fey inspired the tone for the upcoming season. I’ll stick to the shadows with Darker Domains accompanied by The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari while I witch craft. Amongst other things we creatures of the night like to do during October.

Head into Darker Domains with me this October.

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