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Most of my daydreams consist of living out the remainder of my days deep in a dark, dark wood. With many daily tasks to tend to, life as a forest, Witch means becoming one with the creatures around me, and PNW-based photographer Lili captured that daydream.

Mingling with late afternoon gold rays and forest foliage, my nerves tingled as I allowed my energy to do its thing for the camera. The trees were comforting, and the bugs felt like hosts instead of pests as I fingered tall grass and caressed leaves.

As dusk fell and we left the forest for its nocturnal routine, a few deer came out to say hello.

The ensemble was put together from my closet.

My romper is from Target’s Xhileration line; I’ve had it since 2015.

Belt: Fantasy, Portland, OR

Jacket: A Goth Clothing Swap

Tights: Sockdreams

Make-up: Wicked Sisters Cosmetics & NYX


Oxbow Regional Park

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